Oleg "Kozinaka" Kozlov

сoncept, programming, design

Oleg "Kozinaka" Kozlov

Do you love worms as much as I do? For several years I have gone to sleep and woken up with thoughts of my project. It seems like Insatia changes me more than I change it.

When is the release date? Who knows. I try my best to do what I’d like to be doing instead of what I actually end up doing. My laziness is strong and my procrastination comes in many forms, is silver-tongued, and whispers to me sweetly.

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Andrey "Weilard" Lyapichev

artwork, design

Andrey "Weilard" Lyapichev

I have worked in the industry for over ten years, for dozens of different developers, and after a while I started to feel like I was stuck to the hull of the ship. So I pulled a fast one on Davy Jones, escaped becoming fish food, and set off in the stormy waters of indie gaming.

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Dmitriy "Stada" Lopunov

music, sound effects

Dmitriy "Stada" Lopunov

As it happened, I was there when Oleg started working on Insatia. We used our music project as the basis for the sound design. And there's still a ways to go.



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